Advice 1: What Zodiac signs are suitable Cancer-man

Male Cancer exhibits a slowness and thoroughness in all spheres of life, so in search of the other halves can spend a lot of years. To family values he is very serious, so astrologers recommend that men of this Zodiac sign to choose a partner among the same reliable and loyal characters. These include representatives of earth and water element. With fire and air signs relationship Cancer develop significantly worse.

Compatibility men Cancer water signs

Male Cancer has a very good compatibility with all representatives of the Zodiac signs of the water element. With a female it Cancer share common traits and similar life aspirations. In this pair there is harmony and love, but both too attached to hearth and home and risk turning their relationship into a habit. To avoid this, partners need to devote more time to entertainment outside the home and to communicate with people.

Paired Cancer-Scorpio dominant role usually played by a woman. She is able to inspire careful and slow Cancer on the career exploits and to make many positive changes in his life. However, in such an Alliance Scorpion woman often overwhelms the elect excessive demands. For complete harmony in relations it is necessary to learn to accept it for what it is. Union men and Cancer women Pisces can also be quite good and durable. Both of these Zodiac sign are emotional, sensitive and dreamy. They are easy together, and their relationship has almost no quarrels.

Compatibility men Cancer with the signs of the earth

With signs of the Zodiac belonging to the earth element, Cancer has the best compatibility. With Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, he can build very strong and stable relationship. Female earth signs are set on creating a family so capable of making a man's life-Cancer happy and harmonious. However, quite often the partner in such a Union is dissatisfied with the passivity and slowness of the Cancer. But his positive qualities are almost always prevail, so the Union with the representative of the element of earth is often the most successful.

Compatibility men Cancer with the signs of the air

Among the air signs of the Zodiac Cancer is most suited woman-Libra. But these unions are very rare: Cancer and Libra are very indecisive, and usually none of them show initiative. With the Twins Cancer the possible passionate relationship, but they are very rarely long. Union with Aquarius man-Cancer should avoid: with the representative of this sign he will never be able to live an established life and family life, which seeks.

Compatibility men Cancer with the signs of the fire

The only fire sign that Cancer may have a harmonious relationship, is Aries. A woman of this Zodiac sign idealize love relationships and looking for satellites a faithful and reliable companion that fits in well with the life aspirations of men Cancer. But Aries will have to adapt to the slow rhythm of life. However, the tenderness and warmth Cancer can conquer the heart of woman-Aries forever. Combination with other signs of the fire element, much less successful. The lioness is too active and ambitious, and Sagittarius is too frivolous and independent, so the man with Cancer is unlikely to be able to build a harmonious relationship.

Advice 2: What Zodiac sign Cancer choice

Cancer is one of the most mysterious and difficult signs of the zodiac. People born under this sign are not always easy to agree with the others, so for them it is very important to find a suitable partner among the other zodiac signs.
What Zodiac sign Cancer choice

Good partners

Capricorn — the suitable companion for Cancer, which is important to get some confidence in the next day. The Union of these zodiac signs is not ideal, but Cancer adds romance to life purposeful Capricorn, and that, in turn, makes the lives of Cancer more certain, stable and secure.

For a long term relationship Taurus Cancer suitable. Those born under this sign are surrounded by their partners coziness and comfort, which is very important for the delicate and vulnerable Cancers. These relationships can last a very long time, as these zodiac signs are easy to configure on each other.

Wingman Cancer perfect Leo as a partner. Leo — always a good leader and a great friend, he will support Cancer in all his endeavors. Such a Union may not be too strong, since the emotional instability inherent in Cancer jealousy get bored quickly with the independent lion. However, minimal work on the relationship makes this Union strong enough.

The perfect Union may occur between Cancers and Pisces. The latter are characterized by a high sensitivity and emotionality, but are more purposeful and demanding toward family, relationships and life in General. Fish constantly motivate Cancers some active steps that allows such couples to develop and not to dwell on yourself. Pisces and Cancers understand each other, so such alliances are almost always harmony and love.

Bad options

If to speak about the least successful unions, Cancers do not count on a positive experience with Aries, as this sign of the zodiac characterized by increased stiffness and straightness, which can cause some problems in Cancers.

The relationship between the two Cancers most often are a complicated tangle of problems, and none of the partners is not solved first, at least talk about them.

The twins usually just use the gullibility of Cancers. Libra, with their penchant for noisy companies will deliver silent and homemade Cancers a lot of inconvenience. Scorpions are too aggressive and quarrelsome, making their Union with Cancers unstable. Aquarians and Sagittarians are not suitable for this sign of the zodiac due to pronounced egoism and exclusion, and Cancers is very important to feel the emotions of the partner in relation to itself. Sagittarians are overly pragmatic and dry for Cancers and Aquarians too focused on his personality.

However, the most difficult partner for Cancer is a virgin. Externally, the Union of these zodiac signs usually looks very strong and happy, but the lack of passion undermines it from within, dissatisfaction often leads to quarrels, both of which zodiac sign give not too much importance. The result is Cancer and Virgo can live together very long, experiencing only dissatisfaction with each other.
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