Astrological compatibility

The Union of two hearts is actually predetermined by the stars, exactly like everything else. But to pick up a business partner or a marriage based only on his astrological constellations, is not quite true. To do this, in the individual horoscope of each of the two people have a indicate compatibility – planets, houses, aspects and degrees.

In India to this day there is a tradition to order the horoscope compatibility before the wedding. Very negative joint horoscope in some cases might even become a reason for the gap and the abolition of marriage. But neither the astrologer never will say that even a bad horoscope compatibility - synastry should be the cause of a breakup. True love can overcome all obstacles and will only make his teammates better and stronger, forcing them to pass through trials.

However, there are General patterns of susceptibility of characters to each other. Do not think that it always works perfectly. It just means that people born under certain constellations, initially there will be more points for rapprochement and understanding.

Friendly signs of the zodiac

As a rule, all signs of the zodiac find mutual understanding with the signs of homogeneous elements. Between a good the signs of fire: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. But such people always have leadership qualities and an impulsive character. Therefore, the understanding can be considered conditional. They usually communicate well at work, imbued with common ideas with aspirations. But in marriage these combinations are rarely completely harmonious Union. Too much expression, ambition and desire to be a leader in both. The exception is the pair of Leo-Leo in harmonious aspect of the Sun.

But signs of fire are most often created alliances with the Air signs: Leo, Aquarius, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Sagittarius – Gemini, Aries – Libra. Here, as a rule, if no stones block in synastry (horoscope compatibility), create ideal unions for life. In addition, the Fire indifferent to the Water. Scorpions are very attracted to archers and Rams, and Fish – lions.

The signs of Air, in contrast to the Fire, not love to create alliances among themselves, both workers and personal. All of them lack confidence (especially the Scales), ambition (Aquarius), zazemlenie (the Twins), just the soil beneath your feet. They try to join the signs of Fire. They inspire and encourage, to the signs of the Earth – they give stability and a sense of reality, but annoying the same. But the signs of Water with their deep emotional experiences and feelings are least attracted to light and a little surface Air. However, there are exceptions – Twins so attracted to Scorpios and Cancers.

The people of the earth signs get along well together. Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo always stand firmly on his feet and strong in hindsight. They understand each other both at work and in the marriage Union. They always have a strong business, and a rich, hospitable home. But many of these signs do not limit yourself to just the simple pleasures and then turn their attention to other elements. Virgo create a good Alliance with the Water signs – Cancer and Scorpio. In such marriages a lot of passion in the strong economy, driven by skilled hands. Capricorns sometimes it pulls to the Twins, but, these unions are rarely harmonious because of the selfishness of Twins and the determination of Capricorn. With Aquarius in Capricorn, things are a little better – detachment and indecision of this kind of Air sign of Capricorn just put out. Especially if the last is female.

Water is one of the most complex and interesting elements in astrology. People signs Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer are particularly craving for mysticism, mysteries, inner strong feelings, which they tend not to show. These signs find much in common and frequently create quite a successful and long lasting unions. But too much inner sensuality, emotions often make such marriages are unhappy or restless. Thus, some representatives of the water signs are trying to draw their attention to the more straightforward and open, simple and plain Earth or a little superficial and easy in communication Air. Scorpio and Cancer can find a common language with the Gemini, Pisces are often created alliances with meticulous and secretive Maids, and economic Bodies.