Cancers in adolescence is often romantics who dream of ideal love, and the chosen one/the chosen one waiting for tenderness, understanding, support. They tend to exaggerate dignity and to ignore the shortcomings of his passions. Love and family for this sign is on the first place. Men of this sign are often drawn to women with maternal type, and female Cancers - male father type. The feelings of Cancers and the owners are able to greatly suffer from unrequited love, and if disappointed, may long to be left alone from fear of being injured again.
Primitive physiological aspect of love often for Cancers not as important, and they are ready to engage in a long love game and love affection. Assertiveness in intimate relationships not typical for them - both men and women are willing to submit to a more active partner. Cancer, hurt cheating can become jealous and aggressive, what pushes his hurt pride.
Men of this sign are able to be faithful husbands and caring fathers. If it's more ambiguous and capricious type of man, he may long to find his ideal among many women. Cancers easily captive women because of its aura of mystery and mysticism, emotion and courtesy. They often choose girls attractive, confident and vigorous, sometimes even aggressive, while romantic and faithful.
Among Cancers, there are many women shy and gentle, mysterious and inaccessible and capricious. Married girls of this type tend to bind the man to adapt to it, appreciate it loyalty, reliability and thrift, the ability to protect.
Cancers in love, as in everything else, cautious and not prone to ill-considered actions, as sensitive to failures. They are not conquerors by nature, and if the person to whom they feel sympathy, refused, they may give up. If people of this sign worries about something, he can be very secretive and not share issues with your partner.
A man and a woman, both belonging to the sign of Cancer have the chance to create a strong Union where many children and a house - full Cup. They will feel safe and spend time in the comfort of your home where you can isolate itself from the problems of the outside world. A good can marriage be Crayfish with Fishes, Maidens. A woman with Cancer under certain conditions, be able to build a relationship with a male Taurus or Scorpio.