Email the application form with a request to send a specialist who lawfully shut off the hot water supply and install the seals. This statement should be addressed to the head of the regional heating network. Be sure the statement, enter your full address and contact numbers.
Make a photocopy of the application, a copy of take it to the office of the head of the heat network, and the second (with the date of adoption of the document and the signature of the Secretary) to Express yourself. A copy of the document will simplify your situation in case the original is lost.
Make a request for the emergency plumber that will put caps on the riser hot water. But remember that charging for public services will cease only upon seal.
Within a calendar month after filing, you will come to the specialist who will seal the plugs in the pipes with hot water and makes an act. You will not charge a fee for use of service hot water with the date of the act. Up to this point the calculation for the hot water supply shall be made at the established rates.