You will need
  • - common sense;
  • a serious assessment of the situation;
  • - law-abiding
If you do not like the system of payment for gas at the meter, you can reject such method of accounting and to return to payment at standard rate. In some cases it may be more beneficial for you (if every person in the family consumes more than 30 cubic meters of gas per month). But, as a rule, payment of gas on the meter is the most economical, as the average rate of consumption of the resource per person is too high.
You can try to challenge the natural gas tariffs, if they seem excessive. You should know that the prices of gas for apartments with hot water can be less than in homes without it. The amount of payment in the absence of the counter depends on the number registered in the apartment tenants. If you decide not to pay for gas, it can lead to serious consequences. In the end accumulated a large debt for which you may be deprived of opportunities to use gas.
Some owners there is the understandable desire in any way to twist the gas meter readings or to stop it. It should be remembered that carrying out any manipulation of the device of gas accounting, you automatically become a violator of the law. Of course, in prison you are unlikely to go to jail (though such precedents were), but a decent fine will be given definitely.
Remember that any illiterate actions of the inept hands of the gas equipment, are a real source of danger for your life and the lives of those around you (especially if you live in an apartment building). There are cases when because of the illegal manipulation of gas equipment is leaking gascan lead to explosion. Possible gas poisoning deaths due to improperly installed equipment or illegal connections.
As an alternative to various dishonest ways to "save" money, try the more economical use of supply gas. Ensure that heated in the gas column, the water was flowing uselessly. Train yourself not to open fully the hot water - for example, when washing dishes. For the month of such savings are able to give quite a good result.