As a rule, maintenance of communal television antenna is inexpensive, but on the scale of a year or several years, the amount does not seem small, and give it to the supplier unnecessary services is not desirable. Spend a little time and disable the collective antenna.
Find out the management company or the ICC name, address and telephone number of the organization that supports the antenna.
Pay existing debts for the service of the collective antenna. If you are used to pay for utility and other services through the Internet have once to deviate from the rules. It is advisable to make payment through Bank, post offices, or supports the antenna company, as you will need the document on paper.
Take in the ICC certificate on absence of debts on payment of the service of the collective antenna. This may help and is not needed if the service organization will be quite the last of the paid receipt. Also, sometimes the collective antenna is to be paid to the General account for utilities. In this case, pay for the account to show as proof of repayment for the service antenna.
Next, contact an organization that serves a television antenna, a statement of termination of agreement and disconnection of the subscriber point. Provide documents for payment of debt and get in a service company the help on disabling your apartment or house from the collective antenna.
Depending on the order established in the organization may have to do the following: call the provider and request to disable the television antenna. Within a certain period of time will the master, performs the disconnection of the subscriber point and will display the corresponding document.
Received a certificate, forward it to your management company or ICC where you have to stop to charge a fee for the service of the collective antenna.