It all depends on the weather

The usual off time of heating the end of April or beginning of may. But this does not mean that the batteries in your apartment will be cold with 1 or may 15. The average temperature needs to last a few days at +8°C, not less than three days, while those who are responsible for the livelihood of the village, there must be confidence that a sharp decrease this season will be no more.

How does it happen?

Heat supply enterprise may not voluntarily submit or turn off the heat. The management of the company should obtain an order from the district or municipal administration. After the mean daily temperature exceeds the required threshold in 8°C, the head of administration publishes corresponding resolution. It should be published. According to the resolution, what it is off the heating and in what order. The same decree the head of administration publishes and the beginning of the heating season.

Where to find the document

According to the legislation on local self-government all decisions will be published on the official website of the municipality. Unfortunately, such sites have not all municipalities. Therefore, the decision is published in parallel in the local newspaper being the official organ of local power structures. It exists you can read the news on local radio and television. Completely to read the text of the electronic media are not required, but date off heat will certainly misleading.

Where to call?

The right information you can give and in the local administration. Deals with this issue a Department or a management Committee of housing and communal services. Its staff is usually prepared for the head of administration the decree, so that all the necessary information you have. As for the heat supply of the enterprise, in the absence of the resolution date of the end of the heating season there is hardly misleading. But are required to notify, for example, on the forthcoming hydraulic test of heating systems. If in your locality the end of the heating season is accompanied by a disconnection of hot water, you need to report it in all possible ways. The management company is obliged to provide the relevant information on its website, put up a notice at the entrance, place an ad on radio , television and in the newspaper.