Write three of the application form in the following instances: in your management company, production Association of water supply and sanitation, as well as the management of the regional heating network. In statements sure to include your full address and leave contact numbers. All the documents make two copies, one of which take. Don't forget to ensure that your copy is the date of acceptance of the application and the seal of the Registrar. A copy will help you in that case, if the original is lost.
In addition, the management company will apply for calling a specialist who legitimately disconnect counters for hot and cold water and remove the seals. But remember that billing for utility service tariff will be made only upon removal of the counters.
Wait for a staff member of the housing Department. Within one month from the date of submission of the application you have to go a plumber, he will do all the work and makes an act. You will earn the payment rate from the date of the act. Remember that this kind of work you must do for free, if you need to pay for the removal of the counters, know that this requirement is illegal.
In that case, if you for some reason refuse to disable the counters, feel free to contact the court. Russian legislation does not oblige citizens to use the established counters, so you have every right to pay for cold and hot water supply in accordance with the established tariffs.