Advice 1: How to turn off the water in one apartment

Is it possible to turn off the water in a single apartment, for example, at the time of repair, not to leave without water the whole staircase? This issue occurs most often from neighbors who are forced to remain without hot and cold water for the whole day or even more.
How to turn off the water in one apartment
To turn off the water in one apartment only if it has the valves on the pipes of hot and cold water. This is enough for example to repair a faucet, but for more major work, such as replacement of plumbing still have to turn off the water on all strut. The riser is a vertical pipe that serves 1-2 apartments on each floor.
If you have the valve inside the apartment, turn it clockwise until it stops. This should be enough to stop the flow of water. However, in the apartments of the old buildings of the valve on the pipes may not be, and any works will have to call the locksmith from the housing Department and shut in the basement to the entrance. With the breaking of the main pipes the water is shut off for the entire house, and sometimes for several buildings. In new houses, if the pipes were placed skilled professionals, each pipe may have a valve that can shut off the water at a single site, and sometimes special sensors that detect damage to themselves and stop the water flow.
Sometimes a situation arises for example when a person is out of town, because of a pipe burst in one apartment without water are all residential premises located on this riser. In this case, shut off water to one apartment with a damaged pipes is impossible, and to make repairs without the permission and presence of owner is forbidden by law. All you can do is all possible ways to track down the landlord and negotiate with him about the repair. To pick up the keys to open the door and any other way to get into the apartment – a criminal offense.
If hot water in the apartment is for one occupant and find it impossible, please contact the housing office with the requirement of recalculation of payment for forgone services. If you do not, the rent will be charged in full, even if you lived a month without hot water.

Advice 2 : What to do if you frequently turn off the water without warning

Unfortunately, often the situation when, without warning, shut off the water in the house. To complain about the utilities or water are usually pointless. In this case, can only help advance dialed the supply of water, sufficient for most household needs. It is possible to approach the solution of this problem.
What if the water was cut off

How to protect yourself from turning off the water?

Much easier all when it comes to the private backyard which has a well. In such a situation the problem actually fraying. It is possible for convenience to include an additional pump, which would deliver the water from the column or structure in the General system of the house. More difficult with the formation of water storage in an apartment or in a private house, located in the regions where it is not so easy to reach groundwater or their quality leaves much to be desired.

The solution may be a volumetric capacity to store water, which is regularly updated at a time when water is in normal mode. With proper installation and connection of water from the reserve tank can be sent to the water system of the apartment without loss of pressure which will allow, for example, freely use the gas stove or electric boiler.

From this option, as installing a pump that would pump the remaining water in General water supply, should be abandoned. First, you can't be the only nerd in the area, then the water is just not enough time. Secondly, most likely in the pipes is formed an air tube, which will cause water hammer effect when you turn on the water, and it threatens to big breakdowns. Again, the utility for this can be fined.

Selecting and installing a replacement water tank

The amount of the reserve is subject to the amount of water consumed for each family member and taking into account the average time that the water is shut off. So, if for one person to take consumption is 300-400 liters per day, and the water is often shut off for half a day, for the average family of 4 will need 600-800 liters. By adding some reserve, you can opt for the volume of 1 cubic meter. Today very easy to pick out the ideal water tank. Many different plastic or metal models available on the market. They differ not only in volume but also in form and the possibility of installation and connection to the water system. For apartment is best suited flat plastic tanks with a volume of 500-1500 liters.
For filling the tank is better to provide the same system as in the barrel drain of the toilet. The water intake is from the bottom of the tank and through the pipes and the tap is fed into the water system.

Tank installation in a private house

In this embodiment, the tank shape is not so important. Put it on the roof or in the attic. Note that in the first embodiment, the water temperature will strongly depend on the external air temperature. The location on the roof allows you to create great water pressure, little distinguishable from the usual during normal operation of the water supply.
Be sure to insulate the tank, especially when it comes to homes located in Central or Northern latitudes. Freezing the risk that the tank will just burst.

Installation of the tank in the apartment

The best place in the apartment can be called a ceiling space in a closet or in one corner and a combined bathroom. Tank mounts for pre-horizontal fixed stops in the form of segments of profiled tubes or corner, leaning on the wall. Located under the ceiling of the tank will not occupy useful living space, at the same time will generate sufficient water pressure for most domestic situations.
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