Off the water is always uncomfortable. Well, if this trip is planned and it can be prepared in advance. But there are unforeseen circumstances (failure of the pipeline, for example), and the disconnection of water for a person becomes a complete surprise. But if this happens with surprising regularity, we should not lament the fate of, and better prepare for possible disasters in advance.

Off the hot water

So far in Russian cities is the planned shutdown of hot water. Usually, this happens in the summer, and municipal services are warning residents in advance, in which period they will be deprived of hot water. If any emergency happens, as a rule, planned outage of hot water lasts for 2-3 weeks. Not such a long period, but it also must somehow survive.

To warm water for household needs such as washing dishes or floors is the least of the problems. It is enough to make a couple of pots of water on the stove. Of course, not too convenient to bother with basin, changing the water in order to lather and then to rinse the dishes. By the way, with this method it is better to replace the usual means for washing dishes on a natural "old wives' ways to clean with baking soda or mustard. These tools do an excellent job with fat, disinfected, and you don't have to fear that are not thoroughly washed away "chemistry" gets into your body.

To observe personal hygiene in these conditions more difficult. Of course, if the weather is hot, you can take a cold shower to refresh the body but to fully clean up in such conditions will not work. The water would have to warm, but then it will need much more – 10-20 L. Nice to have in this case a large capacity, which can be diluted with hot water to wash to the desired temperature.

Of course, this daily procedure is quite difficult, so you can do it every 2-3 days, and in between to do cold shower, or a rubdown with a towel soaked in hot water.

If funds allow, a good idea to buy a heater for running water and wash with comfort, regardless, turned off the hot water or not.

And, you can plan your vacation so that it occurred in the period off the water, and leave the not-too-comfortable apartment at this period.

Full off water

Usually this does not happen too often and does not last very long. Usually utilities announced that a while water will not.

To survive this period, with the highest possible comfort, it is better to do more water: a bath to fill, large capacity, since the water you will use not only for cooking.

If it so happened that the water was turned off without warning, and water in the house, you can try to find out:

  • if your city, there are still speakers, to walk to the nearest and bring at least a couple of buckets of water – for the first time;
  • buy several large bottles of water at the local supermarket – at least you won't suffer from hunger and thirst.