For many years people used that in the summer are planned disconnection of hot water. Why is it done? This is a necessary measure in order to conduct preventive maintenance of hundreds of meters of pipes and valves installed on pipelines.

The house, built in the 20th century, are equipped with pipes that can not be called perfect. Under the influence of water, in which there are various bacteria and impurities in them is corrosion. Unfortunately, stainless pipe installed only in new buildings, and that is not all.

So, to avoid disconnection of hot water, it is necessary to live in a newly built house? No, even in this case, likely for a couple of weeks the water is still shut off. The explanation is simple: installed in CHP, Central boiler units and mechanisms and fittings must be regularly inspected and, if necessary, repaired. It is because in the summer when the air temperature is high enough and shut off the hot water. In the warm season people are easier to wash, heated water on the stove than in the cold. But this fact does not reduce the irritation from lack of water.

Of course, a great option would be the construction of backup systems to ensure that people do not feel comfortable. Unfortunately, such a solution is economically feasible.

Contrary to the opinion sorry off water Russians such preventive measures in many European countries. But there is one important difference: the European water companies are not willing to suffer losses, and therefore strive to complete the repairs as quickly as possible. Masters work around the clock, allowing you to finish the repair in two-three days. A good practice, isn't it? Maybe Russia will someday take an example from Europe.