You will need
  • - statement to the management company;
  • - gas boiler;
  • or
  • electric radiators.
Write a statement to the management company about the desire to abandon the heating in the apartment. Additionally worth pointing out that the dismantling of radiators of heating you spend for your expense. Otherwise you may be refused for lack of ability on their part to dismantle. Representatives of the management company can explain this by the fact that there is currently no manpower, appropriate equipment, etc.
Wait for the approval of the application, then the management company should send to you the engineer, which will show where to cut the pipe. As soon as your welder will cope with this task, the engineer will sign the act that the Central heating removed.
Select a new system of heating. Here a small selection. If you have a gas heater, then it can be changed on the boiler. Or choose the installation of electric radiators heating.
Installing a gas boiler involves appealing to the local Gazservis. In it you will need to get a technical job, which usually consists of 8-9 points is to develop and approve the project on gas to run it, using the services of a certain organization to coordinate the process with the fire service and the Department of architecture.
When installing electric radiators heating is not necessary to refer to any service. However, it should take care of the installation of two-tariff counters. This approach will allow you to save money on heating, so at night you can put on radiators and in the daytime, on the contrary, reduce.