Pain in the ribs that occurs during coughing should not be ignored. When you visit your doctor he must be told about the presence of this symptom.

As the pain description will help the survey?

Telling the doctor about the presence of pain is necessary to describe its intensity, character and localization. Additional information can greatly assist in accurate diagnosis.
For example, the pain may be dull, paroxysmal, colicky, radiating to other parts of the body. The doctor it's important to know what time of day the pain becomes severe, as the patient's condition is influenced by physical activity, sudden movements, sneezing. Thorough analysis of the pain syndrome significantly helps in identifying related and chronic diseases.

Why you may feel pain in ribs when you cough.

One of the most common causes of pain in ribs while coughing can become inflammatory process affecting the membrane. This is a special membrane that lines the lungs. Its defeat triggers the development of pleurisy, which, without proper treatment can easily go into pneumonia.

Another reason for the pain – displacement of the vertebrae or thoracic rib belt, resulting from incorrect posture. In this case, get rid of the unpleasant symptoms will help physiotherapy. However, when running the process is not excluded long-term treatment.

Pain in ribs may indicate the presence of pericarditis or shortened mezhplevralny ligament. In this case additional pathology symptoms include cough, increasing during the conversation and physical activities.

If the pain in my ribs is manifested as tingling, you should consult a neurologist. Probably, the presence of intercostal neuralgia. In this disease, discomfort and pain especially amplified during coughing.

Pain in ribs when coughing, radiating in the lumbar spine, the abdomen and right shoulder blade, says problems with the kidneys. It is advisable to take advice of the nephrologist.

The most common cause of painful syndrome in the rib – injury. Accidental fall could lead to the formation of microscopic cracks, which practically does not give the characteristic symptoms. However, during a cough, the load on the fin increases, and the injury makes itself felt by pain.

Sharp pain in region of the vertebral column, passing on the ribs when you cough, it is noted in this disease, as osteochondrosis. Often, coughing is caused by trying deep breaths and has nothing to do with the symptoms of colds.