The female body

The ovaries are the primary organ of the reproductive system in women, because of their safety and normal functioning should be carefully monitored. Most often, the ovaries are exposed to various diseases. In different periods of life, the ovaries are functioning differently. However, the pain in the ovary often is not a normal condition, a pathology that cannot be ignored.

Pain in left ovary may indicate inflammatory disease in the left appendage of the ovaries – oophoritis. The pain in this disease is paroxysmal in nature, localized in the lower abdomen on the left, sometimes radiates to the lower back. Oophoritis may be caused by hypothermia, a failure in the hormonal system and other causes. In this disease women mood changes, nervous system is exhausted, she becomes irritable, agitated or lethargic on the contrary.

Adnexitis – inflammation of the ovary – may be accompanied by pain in the left ovary. This disease cause of sexually transmitted infections, such as Mycoplasma, Ureaplasma, plamiii, Candida. In this case, you need antibiotics and the competent antibacterial therapy. Once received adnexitis, often becomes chronic and bothers a woman with unenviable constancy throughout life.

To cause pain in the left ovary is capable of cyst – formation, composed of liquid contained in the capsule. A small cyst usually does not bother, and the woman learns about her during the ultrasound. If it reaches significant size, it causes severe pain. It is important to avoid cyst rupture and the fluid gets into the abdominal cavity. It is fraught with peritonitis.

Pathological change in the position of the left ovary contributes to the occurrence of pain in the left side. This is due to the relative mobility of the body. Sometimes ovarian torsion leads to irreversible consequences.

Speaks not only about the disease

Sometimes the pain in the left ovary occurs during ovulation, called mittelschmerz. This is due to the maturing and release of an egg and carries no unpleasant consequences.

In any case, even if pain in left ovary are temporary, you should consult a gynecologist. The sooner the better. Ignore the pain and self-medicate is not. Remember, ovarian disease often lead to secondary infertility.