Conditions of leave with unpaid fines

According to the bill adopted by the deputies of the state Duma, the debtor may leave the country if his unpaid fine does not exceed 10 000 rubles. Delinquent to travel abroad, likely will not – the bailiff has every right to limit departure of the debtor regardless of the size of its debt.
To avoid such a mishap, follow the timely payment of taxes, fees, administrative fines and other obligatory payments.

Also, there are cases when people shouldn't – there is a failure in the electronic system or the information on the payment of debt is not received to the U.S. marshals service. In addition, it is possible to become restricted to travel abroad because of the coincidence of the name of the defaulter and law-abiding citizen.

If you refuse to travel abroad, bailiffs are required to notify you about it. However, because the alerts are delivered by regular mail and the recipient may reside at a different address, it often leads to various misunderstandings and delays. Not worth the pay slips on the day of departure – they still have to bailiffs, who will give the corresponding order to the customs, and all this will take at least 2-3 weeks.

How to find out if you have unpaid fines

The most convenient option to learn about the penalties is the website "the Portal of public services" of the city, where you can find all the information about your payments and penalties. By registering on the site, you will be able to pay all debts. However for insurance it is better to go to the website "the Portal of public and municipal services", which holds the debts under taxes and fines, and the availability of enforcement proceedings in the work of bailiffs.
To get access to your data, you will need to enter your insurance number of individual personal account.

The history of taxes can be found on the website of the Federal tax service, entering your ID code. Information on debts for Bank loans to learn via Internet banking or by calling the Bank itself. Information on the outstanding utility bills provide the company with providing utility services, and you can also see in the monthly receipts which indicate the amount of debt.

On unpaid or overdue traffic fines can be found on the website of the traffic police or on the website "Parking of Moscow" for the capital's residents.