Advice 1: How to check restriction of travel abroad

According to the Russian legislation a citizen who does not pay any debts owed to organizations or individuals can be a constraint on travel abroad. And there is a way to learn about it, to resolve the situation in advance and not to spoil your planned trip or vacation.
How to check restriction of travel abroad
Find out whether you have any debts on tax payments. To receive information about this at special section of the official website of the Federal tax service. Go to the website, fill out the following fields, specifying the surname, name and patronymic, as well as region of residence and individual tax identification number - INN. Click the search button. The system will give you all the monies you owe the tax office. This includes transport, property and land taxes. While private entrepreneurs have to consider that the tax payments associated with their professional activities are not included in the list on this website. If you have a VAT number, get information on debt you can only personally in the district office on the passport.
Specify whether you any fees to the banks. This is usually enough to call their client service to call the contract number and code word, and you will be able to report the required data. If the Bank does not support this information scheme, will receive the desired information by personally contacting the Department of financial institutions for the services of individuals. ibid., the return of the entire amount of the loan, you will be able to obtain a certificate of no debt that you can have with you in case of fraudulent claims.
If you find the debt, determine if he can become an obstacle to travel abroad. Since 2009, the amount of such debt must be more than 5000 rubles. In addition, the lender must sue you in court and win it. And even if after-treatment of the bailiff the amount is not paid, you can apply a ban on travel abroad. In that case, if your conflict with the lender has already reached the intervention of bailiffs, you will be able to learn directly from them whether you can leave the territory of the Russian Federation.

Advice 2: How to verify a ban on travel abroad

Before you go on a trip or a business trip, you should check out the ban on travel abroad and make sure that it is not. This sanction is imposed on citizens with certain violations to the state.
You can check to see the ban on travel abroad
To verify the ban on travel abroad is necessary in the case that the size of fines for various administrative offenses is more than 10000 rubles, and in the case of traffic fines – more than 5000 rubles. In this state, the bailiff shall send the citizen the writ specifying the amount and period of payment of the debt. Re-learn the size of the fines and pay them in the service Department at the place of residence or on the official website of the Federal bailiff service.
Go to the official website of the bailiff to find out the presence or absence abroad (link is below). Click on the banner "Learn about your debt" located at the top of the website, then you will be moved into the "Information systems".
Complete the designated fields. Specify the type of applicant, such as individual. Select the location of your regional offices. Fill in the fields name, surname and patronymic, enter the date of birth (legal persons indicate the name and address of the enterprise and individual entrepreneurs - number of enforcement proceedings). After entering, click "Search". All existing debt, and imposed restrictions will be displayed on the screen.
Try to check the ban on travel abroad via the portal of state Services, if you are already registered on this resource. Select your region and select from the list of state structures of the Federal service of bailiffs. Follow the on-screen instructions to order a certificate about the fines and injunctions. Information will be displayed on the screen immediately.
On the portal of state Services you can also find the addresses and contact details of the regional divisions of the Federal bailiff service to refer to civil servants personally and get all the necessary information about enforcement proceedings, the payment of arrears and taken to the debtor measures, including a ban on travel abroad. Here you have the option to subscribe to always receive this information in various ways.
Use the app "data Bank Executive productions", is available for download in social networks "Vkontakte" and "Classmates", as well as on smartphones and tablets, to see if there's a ban on travel abroad. To find the program through search engine apps for keyword "FSSP".
To lift the ban on travel abroad is possible only through the redemption of existing debt. It can be done, for example, on the official website of the bailiff through one of the electronic payment systems. There is also the possibility of printing a receipt for payment at the banks or bailiffs service for the community.
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