Advice 1: Released abroad, if there is debt on payment of utilities

The restriction of the right of departure abroad – one of the measures impact on those who have the credit debt, transfers to social funds, fines, utility bills or child support. However, applying this measure is not always and not for all.
The border guard will check whether instituted enforcement proceedings

Who makes the decision

Officers of the border control shall not have the right not to release you at the border if they have no prescription. The mere existence of a debt cannot serve as a basis for limiting the right to leave. The corresponding decision is up to the judiciary, and the legislation provides for a certain sequence of actions. The court decision that the debtor is obliged to repay the debts, is insufficient in this case.

As it happens

If you have a large debt on a rent payment, the management company and resource providers may file you a lawsuit. The size of the debt is governed by the Housing code. It can vary by the amendments, therefore, received a summons to court, do not forget to specify this question. To rely on judicial delays in this case is not necessary, cases public services are considered very fast. We should not try to evade participation in a court hearing, because such a decision can be made without you. In the judgment will indicate that you must repay in a specified period. This decision is not grounds for restricting the right to travel abroad. In many regions there is a practice of restructuring debt, so that you can sign a contract with utilities that undertake to pay the amount of the debt installments within a certain period.

If you have not complied with the court decision

If you are careful to pay the debts, you can safely go and travel overseas, no you are on the border will not stop. Another thing, if you do not follow the court's decision. Then your lender has the right to contact the local Department of the Federal bailiff service. Then there will be enforcement proceedings and can be decided how to recover your debts. But in this case, it is not necessarily a measure of the impact on the debtor will be exactly the restriction of the right of trip abroad. Legislation and other measures. For example, court enforcement officers can describe property, to impound the vehicle, the seizure of a Bank account.

To avoid surprises

If you paid the debt after enforcement proceedings and decided not to let you abroad, remember to notify the bailiff that you all paid. Neither the Bank nor the utilities this is not taken care of. To report its actions to the bailiffs, just to come to the local office and show a paid receipt.

Advice 2: How to recover a debt for utilities

Utilities and management companies annually lose a lot of money. The reason lies in the debtors. These include as delinquent and detained the payment.
How to recover a debt for utilities
Do not immediately apply to a court. Try to talk to the tenant owes for utility service. Perhaps he had a difficult situation, and pay it will be able in the near future. Tell him about the failure of the beginning of the heating season, the financial problems of the HOA. If the dialogue failed, send to the debtor a formal written notice by registered letter with the requirement to repay the resulting debt. Specify that otherwise the company is a supplier of energy resources or handling your house company, homeowners will be forced to go to court with the requirement about collecting of debts.
If you notice, the tenant also did not react, gather General meetings of the partnership of housing owners or tenants, together with the management company. Put up for discussion the question of action against the debtor. Be sure to sign the minutes of the meeting. Best of all, if you invite and the perpetrator of the incident. Among the possible decisions of the meeting can be as appeal to the court, and off of the debtor from sources of electricity, gas and water. A copy of the report also point to the debtor.
If this does not impact on the debtor, apply to the court on behalf of the Chairman of HOA management company or vendor of public resources to the population. The application should be addressed to the magistrate. If the world court will take into consideration your application and will begin the judicial process, be sure to attend all sessions of court, prepare the documents confirming the fact of debt, amount of debt. Ask your neighbors to give evidence that the debtor ever-present lives in this housing. Wait for the court decision. Remember, according to the court, the debtor may collect the debt and to evict him from the apartment.
If the debt was formed due to the extended absence of the tenant at the place of residence, to recover the full amount of the debt through the courts is unlikely to succeed. The court will take into account that the debtor did not live in this apartment, and will require the recalculation of utility bills.

Advice 3: How to find out if debt when you travel abroad

Recently in Russia, a law was passed limiting the travel of the debtors from the country. A man who is trying to go on holiday but not paid the fines or alimony, may be detained right at the airport or out of the country. But this is possible only if the recovery from the debt already reached a final verdict. In any case it is useful to be able to knowwhether you have any outstanding payments, not to bring the situation to trial.
How to find out if debt when you travel abroad
You will need
  • computer;
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - INN;
  • receipt of rent.
Find out if you have debts on any taxes- property, land, tax on income of individuals. This can be done on the website of the Federal tax service in the section "Personal Cabinet of the taxpayer". Just go to the website www.nalog.ruand on the first page click on the Agree button under the question whether you agree to enter your personal data into the system.
Next, enter your VAT number, surname, name, patronymic and region of residence. After that you will be available information on tax debt. Also in the system you will be able to print a receipt for the payment of the debt.
If you have Bank loans, information about debt you can obtain, or through the Internet Bank system on the website of your credit institution or Bank when referring to the employee. The debt on the credit card payments you can find through the ATM.
Information about debts for utilities you can get to your management company or TSZH. Also, this information can be specified in the bills coming to you monthly showing the amount of the payment. Some regional organizations involved in the provision of public services, for example, "Sibir'energo", give subscribers the opportunity to review and to pay the debt on the organization's website.
Information about unpaid fines traffic police in some regions can be obtained using the "Portal of state and municipal services" ( On the portal you need to register. You will then get access to a variety of services, including checking outstanding fines.
When checking debt trust only official websites of the governmental institutions. Various commercial sites asking you for the information about the debt will likely not have full information and can be simply fraudulent.
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