You will need
  • - personal computer with Internet access;
  • - the passport;
  • - passport or another identity document;
  • - help-permission to travel abroad.
Remember, if you have outstanding financial obligations. Make sure that all bills and fines paid. In the recent tougher measures taken against the debtors: for the unpaid penalty or other existing debt you will not be allowed abroad.
Please visit the official website of bailiffs. Recently here, knowing only the number of your foreign passport, you can get information about whether you are on the ban on travel abroad or not: to do this, visit the section on the website "Information about restriction on departure of debtors from the Russian Federation". If the rubric you are found, find out the contact details of the local office of the Federal service.
Please contact the office of the Federal service for the place of your residence and find out whether the ban on your leaving the country. For getting this kind of help please have a passport or other document proving your identity. Your inquiry must be provided a written response (this will insure you from unexpected surprises if suddenly in the future – when buying tickets or border crossing – you will not be let out of the country).
Pay all debts and settle all financial obligations that prevent your trip abroad. Please note that the deadline for the debt cancellation since the payment may be up to seven days, so calculate correctly the date of payment otherwise you just will not be released outside the country, accusing that you have outstanding financial obligations.