You will need
  • - Access to the Internet;
  • - Passport;
  • - The insurance certificate of obligatory pension insurance;
  • - INN;
  • - Driver's license.
To find out debt on taxes and levies, go to the website of the Federal tax service Enter the Personal Cabinet of the taxpayer. On the top bar (blue color) click on "Electronic services"/"my account". Click the green tick to confirm your consent to the processing of data. Please complete items marked with an asterisk (name, INN, Region, and enter the check digit. Click "Find". You will receive information about the address of their tax office and help with debts.
To check the debt stock and the payment of fines for administrative violations in the field of traffic, use the portal of public services

The registration process is described in detail on the website, briefly it can be formulated like this: you enter your details (name, SNILS, INN), set the password, choose the way of receiving the activation code (by mail or in OJSC "Rostelecom") to indicate the e-mail and confirm it. Further, or wait for the activation code in the mail (about 2 weeks), or recognize him in the office of Rostelecom (passport required). Using the activation code on the login page produce the activation of the Personal account.
Then in the Personal Cabinet, select "E-services". Go to the website of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. Choose the "check the availability of fines". Filling the data of the state registration plate of the vehicle data and driver's license, you will receive information on fines issued for the vehicle. If you only fill the data of driver's license, you can learn all fines issued to the owner of this certificate. To obtain the result press the button "Check".
The register of debtors organizations and individual entrepreneurs, as well as debts for alimony can be checked on the website of the Federal bailiff service To do this, in the left menu, select "Information systems". Next – what you need to know, such as "Informing about debt and ways of its payment under the Executive production". The system will prompt you to confirm consent to the processing of personal data, enter code from the image and provide your details (name, place of registration, VAT etc.)