Remember, if listed on you any duty or fine. If you are sure that there is no debt, there is nothing to fear: feel free to buy a ticket to a foreign country. But those decorated as a legal entity, the memory will not help: in any case, it is better to find out thoroughly. Here the question may arise: "will you Let over the border in presence of unpaid fines for motor offences?". In fact, hardly anyone remembers how many times over the past ten years (such period the rights are issued), he broke the rules of the road. Remember that the presence of such an unpaid fine is not grounds for a ban on travel abroad, and all actions of the staff of the Federal border service, which is aimed at creating obstacles to travel are illegal.
In the presence of a computer at home you can check if you have arrears, directly on the Internet, online. Open the website of the service of judicial bailiffs, then go to "Info on debt". Enter all necessary information and find out whether you have restrictions on travel over the border. It should be noted that now the service is working in test mode and may not always be able to give a reliable result.
Contact territorial body of Federal service of court bailiffs of the place of your permanent registration, as that's the surest way to find out the presence or absence of restrictions on travel over the border. For this procedure, you must bring a passport. Bailiff when you enter the passport data into the computer, and within minutes you know whether you debt.
Pay any arrears in cash Desk of Sberbank. If you go in the authority of the Federal bailiff service directly, payment can be made there. Please note: you paid the debt will be formally extinguished in a week, so get ready for leaving for the border in advance.