So, to become a qualified engineer should choose the most popular specialties. At the moment, taking into account statistics, one of the most popular professions among students in Moscow are: instrumentation, information systems and technology, mechanical engineering technology, operation and testing of aerospace, automation and control. The competition to such a degree is from 3 to 6 people on one place.
But this is only a small part of the directions in engineering. So before you enroll in you are interested in the faculty, read more, read all directions. After all, perhaps, is mechanical engineering, you are interested in a specialty engineer or an engineer-surveyor. Or you want to become a software engineer. Programming is common in technical and scientific field. You may also be interested in the engineer-strength scientists, which develops and test various structures for strength.
To obtain a quality education in these specialties, you should choose a University. This may be the University with the engineering faculties or the University/Institute, which produces specialists for a single industry -for example, aviation, energy, forestry engineering UNIVERSITY.
Those who have high exam results in physics and mathematics that are large enough chances to arrive on budgetary branch. The term of study at Universities is 4 years before receiving a bachelor's degree and 5 years to obtain the qualification of specialist. Graduates of engineering schools who have studied at state expense, upon completion of training is usually provided the direction for the vacant job. Students in the paid form, Universities often help with employment.
Deciding where to go to study engineering, it is best to give preference to schools that have a good reputation, and cooperating with enterprises. This will be the key to your successful employment in the future.
It should be noted that, despite the huge amount of information on where to go to study engineering – to solve only to you. Therefore, to properly understand yourself, identify your capabilities and needs and go for it! Most importantly, remember that your future is in your hands, and no one can make for you a difficult choice of your future profession.