In addition to secondary schools, in Chelyabinsk, there are five high schools, which are in all AP classes, three schools with profound studying of English and two Orthodox schools. For secondary education answer 33 College and the College that serves a variety of professionals: chefs, nurses, plumbers, electricians, fitters, etc.
Among University entrants, the increasing popularity of the Chelyabinsk state University. Here specialists of various profiles, are departments of mathematics, physics, law, business, chemistry, linguistics and translation, psychology and pedagogy, Economics, management, ecology and biology.
Those who have received higher education can go to graduate school, which works in 43 specialties. Also there are five dissertation councils for doctoral and candidate dissertations.
Gravitating to medicine act in South Ural state medical University of Ministry of healthcare of the Russian Federation. Here you can learn to be a physician, dentist, pharmacist, surgeon, urologist, oncologist, etc.
The applicants who are into sports can go to study in Ural state University of physical culture (Uralgufk). This school not only trains specialists in the medical and health work, but also prepares trainers for 40 sports.
If the human vocation is to work with children can apply for admission to the Chelyabinsk state pedagogical University. This University produces teachers for individual subjects, and teachers of initial classes.
Young people who chose for himself a military career, you can go to study in Chelyabinsk higher military aviation red banner school of navigators (WAKUS). This University city is preparing military navigators-engineers for the Russian army.
Students who gravitate toward culture and beauty, invites you for education Chelyabinsk state Academy of culture and arts. There are eight faculties — from cultural to dance.