For General secondary education in Cherepovets answer 38 schools. Among them there are two gymnasiums, one with profound studying of English language, the other — with profound studying of mathematics. Also open to children of the Orthodox gymnasium in the Cherepovets resurrection monastery. In addition, for more than five years, the city has non-state private educational institution "child development Center childhood planet" and four special schools.
In the city there is a place to obtain higher education. There are 23 vocational schools, which train specialists in such professions as plumber, electrician, machinist, carpenter, pharmacist, paramedic, nurse, etc.
The main University is Cherepovets Cherepovets state University. He is most popular among the local students. This, however, is not surprising. Because the University is located just six institutes: pedagogy, psychology, technical, economic, engineering-economic, information technologies and Humanities. In addition, this University has a faculty of biology and human health.
It is impossible to ignore such a famous institution as the Cherepovets military engineering Institute of radio electronics. All of its graduates automatically receive the title of Lieutenant, and after graduation signed a five-year contract.
Very popular among the students uses the Cherepovets branch of Moscow state Academy of water transport. In recent years, there is quite a big competition to six people in place.
Also very popular is Penza branch of Russian Academy of education where you can learn such professions as journalism, information technology, law, Economics and business, psychology and advertising. The only disadvantage of this institution — the fee for each semester.