The profession of a designer can be mastered in high school. There you can obtain not only higher education in this field but good knowledge. When choosing the Institute you need to choose which design direction you want to develop their skills.
Please note that each UNIVERSITY has its own curriculum. And if at one school the faculty of design includes interior design, landscape design, the other can prepare designers of the completely different specializations - graphic design, costume design, etc. higher Education in the faculty of design lasts up to 6 years. It is also worth considering that the budget office can be a lot of competition. If you earn enough points, you will have to study on a commercial (paid) basis or trying to re-enroll for the following year.
Good reputation enjoyed by British Higher School of Design, national Institute of Design, Moscow state University of design and technology (MSUDT), and MSTU named after A. N. Kosygin, in which he studied the famous couturier Vyacheslav Zaitsev. Often notice well-known designers, young talents and invite them to their work, and therefore need not to miss your chance to actively show their creativity during their studies.
If you already have a higher education, but want to retrain, you can go on courses. Training period in this case will be from 3 months to one year. There you will learn the basics of design business and will be able to apply the acquired knowledge into practice under the guidance of skilled educators and designers. Such courses are a convenient learning schedule. It is suitable for those who combines work with study. However, be aware that without a higher education diploma to find a paying job in the field of design will be problematic.