Often people are confronted in daily life with numbness of the hands if by displacement of blood vessels and nerves. Temporary loss of sensitivity may occur due a long stay in an uncomfortable position (especially during sleep), wearing tight clothes, working in the same pose, etc. In such cases, the loss of sensitivity not to worry, as when changing posture, and relaxation will start tingling, and the blood will again flow into the vessels normally.
Numbness in the right or the left arm may occur with insufficient supply of the nerve with oxygen and glucose. The reason for this can be intensive work of the limbs, lack of various vitamins and improper diet, which leads to poor circulation and thrombosis. Especially strongly contribute to various bad habits, so first of all, you need to quit Smoking and drinking excessive alcohol.
More dangerous to cause numbness, need skilled professional assistance, is the development of osteochondrosis in which the compression of nerves and blood vessels of the cervical spine. The disease occurs when damage to the vertebrae, the formation of intervertebral hernia, muscle cramps, overgrowth of ligaments, etc.
Numbness in hands, sometimes due to various changes in the body. Common cause of loss of sensitivity become swelling. This phenomenon can occur during pregnancy, cardiac and renal failure during intensive work.
Loss of sensitivity may cause disorders in the brain, for example, hyperventilation or poor circulation, which can be a precursor to stroke. In this case, a person needs urgent hospitalization.
Another cause of numbness can be diabetes. This phenomenon occurs due to high glucose that disrupts blood vessels.