One of the most common causes of numbness of the extremities during pregnancy is carpal tunnel syndrome, symptoms of which are apparent in the flowing, burning, pain and a sense of "allianoi" hands or feet. Most often carpal tunnel bothers pregnant women in the second and third trimester – however, he is not considered dangerous, and its development contributes to increased load on the tendons and joints, as well as physical stress or pinched nerves.
Also often numb limbs osteochondrosis, which manifests itself during pregnancy. A pinched nerve in a certain area of the spine leads to numbness of the ring fingers and little fingers. A similar picture give arthrosis of the cervical or banal strain of neck muscles. To avoid numbness, podiatrists recommend pregnant women to spend less time in a sitting position, and often ask relatives to knead and massage his neck.
Numbness in the extremities, a pregnant woman may feel in the presence of high levels of swelling, which during this period frequently occurs, but is not considered a normal variant. The fluid retained in the body, begins to put pressure on the nerves resulting in swollen hands or feet start to go numb. If you have any of these symptoms should immediately contact your doctor who will identify the cause of the swelling and eliminate it until the mother or child was not injured.
Finally, the numbness of the limbs can accompany a number of diseases, adversely affecting pregnant women. These include such diseases as diabetes, poor circulation or metabolism, hernia, spinal cord tumor or inflammation in a certain area of the spine. Also contributing factor is the reduced motor activity with a constant increase in weight and possible lack of nutrients needed at the moment, the female organism. However, the threat causes meet not so often, so when the numbness of the limbs, do not panic, but simply to visit your doctor.