The most effective conservative treatment for inflammation of the trigeminal nerveand is drug carbamazepine and its analogs - tegretol and Finlepsin. These medications affect the brain, as a result, the symptoms disappear. Dosage and mode of administration of these preparations you will be determined by the doctor. Note that long these funds can not be accepted, because susceptibility to them decreases with time. In addition, these drugs affect the respiratory system, kidneys and liver, therefore, pursuing the course of treatment, it is necessary to take a blood test, controlling the functions of these organs.
Good effect and have the popular treatment for trigeminal nerve. Mix one part vinegar with two parts of eau de Cologne. Instead of vinegar you can use Apple, it biologically active substances is much greater. Pour vinegar in Cologne (not Vice versa!), stir, heat in a water bath and RUB with the mixture then place where it hurts. This rubbing do twice a day. Usually only two or three days to have relief. After some time, repeat the treatment to prevent.
Rubbing the sore spot once a day you can use fir oil, which is not difficult to buy at any pharmacy. RUB sore spot for the night oil on the neck, attach the yellow card to all the patient side is well warmed during sleep. This method also works fairly quickly.
But medication does not give the desired effect in approximately one third of cases. Modern surgery offers methods that enable youto treat the patient from inflammation of the trigeminal nerve. In the course of the operation percutaneous stereotactic rhizotomy of the doctor affects the nerve is a conductor of electrical current, which is like a thin needle penetrates the nerve, restructurarea it, and in the Central nerveing the system cease to receive signals painful condition the nerve.