The reasons for such a state can be several. The most harmless of them is an incorrect neck position during sleep when the pillow is too high or too low. Due to this malposition of tense neck muscles, causing the vessels are clamped and do not give the blood in the required amount of flow to tissues. In this case, the problem can be solved only experimentally, by gradually lowering or raising the cushion up until the hands are no longer numb during sleep. Sometimes it is enough just to change the pillow to solve the problem.

Another easily solvable cause numbness of the arms in men is the so-called "syndrome of the wedding night" when the girls put your head on the shoulder of his partner and fall asleep in this position. In the end, a night under the weight of a pretty heavy head overlaps the artery and then comes the numbness of the arms of a young man.

But sometimes numbness of hands or, if you speak the language of science, paresthesia can be alarming. In particular, nocturnal numbness of the hand can indicate the formation of a thrombus in the artery. If waking up, you noticed that the numbness does not go more than an hour, you should immediately consult a doctor. The consequence of delayed medical intervention can be irreversible consequences in the tissues.

Also numbness of the hands may indicate a tunnel or carpal tunnel syndrome. It occurs when your wrists are experiencing heavy loads, for example, when a long work on the computer. Through the wrist to the fingers through a very narrow channel passes the median nerve. During exercise this canal narrows and pinches the nerve, resulting in wrist pain and numbness.

Very often, numbness in hands during sleep caused by problems with the spine, or rather with his whiplash. To identify osteochondrosis can be pain in the area just below the head. They are constantly drawing in nature, and these unpleasant sensations can go from the upper back.