Reasons for this phenomenon are many. Numbness hands in most cases associated with blood circulation or the development of pathological processes in other parts of the body. If you often suffer from this disease, you should definitely seek medical help. The most common causes of this phenomenon are the following:osteochondrosis of the cervical spine often causes numbness of the hand or the whole hand. Quite often, there is a pinched median nerve, which runs right through the carpal canal. This disease occurs most frequently among those people who long time work in the same position, with straining hands (for example, continuous work at the computer).Thrombus formation in any large artery of the arm. During this process the hand takes a fairly long time. So remember that if the numbness persists for hours, you should immediately consult a doctor, as the consequences can be dangerous for your health. The reason for the withdrawal of the upper extremities can be anemia, vitamin deficiency, or infection. Very often, numbness in hands is observed in diabetes. This phenomenon is associated with destruction of nerve endings. The seizure of the hand can be the result of blockage of blood vessels of the brain. Remember, if the hand is paralyzed, and then there was a sharp and severe pain, you need to immediately go to the hospital, as there is a risk of stroke. Very easy and safe to cause numbness of the hand is the wrong posture during sleep. The hand can be taken away during rheumatic or inflammatory processes in the human body.If you constantly pursues such a problem, then you need to consult a neurologist. For successful treatment you must first discover the cause that leads to numbness of the limbs. You would be unlikely to figure out on her own. The doctor will prescribe you a comprehensive study of the body. And be careful as numbness hands very often a symptom of a serious disease with negative health effects.