Causes of numb big toe

The reason for this inconvenience might be that the person just did or I lost feeling in the leg. When you change posture and motor activity of blood vessels is restored and the numbness goes away.

The problem may be due to uncomfortable shoes. One should not ignore the habit to throw a leg over the other. This manner in itself is harmful, because in this position is compression of the veins, resulting in impaired blood flow. This, in turn, can lead to varicose veins in the lower limbs and in the groin area.

Numbness of the big toe may be observed in some diseases. Often it is associated with osteochondrosis of the spine. It happens in the presence of herniated discs. All these elements are interconnected. They share a circulatory disturbance in the spinal tissue pinching the nerve roots in the lumbar spine and radiating to the extremity in the thigh or foot pain. Such displays in medicine are called radikulonevrit. It is not excluded in a case of numbness of the great toe and the presence of tuberculosis of the spine.

The blood supply to the extremities can be complicated when the metabolic processes in the body. Numbness in the legs is one of the signs of neglect of diabetes. One of the most dangerous complications of this disease is necrotical tissues, which is manifested in the beginning of numbness in toe, loss of its sensitivity.

Numbness of the toe is almost always observed in gout. Found this symptom and osteoarthritis.

What to do when the numbness of the big toe?

To get rid of a unpleasant sensations in the lower extremities, you must go to a neurologist. After determining the cause, he will prescribe the necessary treatment.

Nicotine, alcohol, strong tea and coffee cause vasospasm. Rejection of them can help to get rid of the symptom of numbness in the toes. This contributes to regular consumption of hot food (especially oats and buckwheat), tempering, vitamins and minerals.

Folk medicine also may offer their own solutions to the problem of numbness in the toes. Well help honey wrap for the night. Before bedtime is necessary to smear your finger with honey, wrapped up his bandage and put on a sock.

Good effect is given contrast baths. In 2 containers filled with hot and cold water. The finger needs to lower it in cold water, then hot. Keep it for 30 minutes. The number of actions 5 times. Further, the finger smeared with turpentine and put on a sock. The procedure is repeated 10 times.

Useful to RUB 3 times a day toes an infusion of rosemary for Apple cider vinegar. Well helps rubbing at night finger to the redness camphor ointment, and then put on socks.