Advice 1: How to treat tingling in the hands

Often the doctors treat people who complain of frequent tingling in hands, numb limbs, feeling the skin crawl "creepy". What to do, how to get rid of these unpleasant feelings?
How to treat tingling in the hands
The reasons for such phenomena are many, they can arise from various pathologies of the cervical spine, surge the muscle fibers, impaired patency of blood vessels, strong nervous shock, neurosis, etc.

Treatment of tingling in the hands

Tingling, numbness and other discomfort – in essence, violations of the sensitivity of the skin that occur due to the compression of the nerve roots in the cervical spine. That is why the first step is to eliminate these crushing. Medical treatment is to remove inflammation, muscle spasms and improve blood vessels.
In addition, assigned to vitamins, minerals, chondroprotectors.

As the local impact gives good results with chiropractic. Special gymnastics is also possible to cope with the problem, because active muscle contraction contribute to the normal function of blood vessels. Often doctors prescribe physical therapy, for example, laser treatment, magnetic therapy, ultrasound.
It should be noted that the methods of alternative medicine (hirudotherapy, acupuncture) significantly enhance the effects of other types of treatment.

People's ways

Folk medicine also knows a lot of tools that help to get rid of the tingling and numbness in the hands. For example, to improve blood circulation in hands, fit this tool. For its preparation should take 200 grams of vegetable oil, half a Cup of sugar and stir until smooth. Applied on problem areas with light massage movements.

Help to get rid of the disease salt baths. In a liter of warm water dissolve 3 tablespoons of salt in the composition lower limbs, hold for about 30-40 minutes. Good effect and contrast baths. In one basin pour cold water and another with hot but not boiling water. First down into cold water, hold for about a minute, then hot. Should be repeated at least 5 times. A positive result will not keep itself waiting long.

For rubbing can to apply this remedy. Pickled cucumber cut into small slices, mixed with pod minced red pepper. Components poured a bottle of vodka and infused in a dark place for 7 days. To RUB the limbs need to sleep.

Advice 2 : What to do when aching hands

Pain hands may be caused by excessive physical activity, and a number of diseases of the musculoskeletal, nervous and circulatory system. In addition, the hands often suffer from the experts, forced long time to work on the computer.
What to do when aching hands
Aching hands? The correct diagnosis and choose the most effective treatment can only a doctor. So if hands are sore (especially when prolonged and severe pain, you need to seek medical help.

What specialists should be treated for pain in the hands

Since the most common causes of pain in the hands are different diseases of the joints, and diseases of the nervous system (e.g., inflammation or pinched nerves), must be examined by a rheumatologist and a neurologist. In addition, it will not prevent consultation of the traumatologist because the pain in the hands can be a result of past injuries, and occur as a result of the received injury, dislocation, fracture. There are many cases when people did not even know that he had a dislocation or fracture of the wrist, counting the strong pain and swelling a result of injury of the limb.

Trauma gives direction on an x-ray of the limb. If no damage there won't be identified, it is necessary to examine the cervical spine. Perhaps the pain is caused by herniated disc or other disease.

In rheumatic diseases of the joints, the doctor will prescribe drugs with analgesic and anti-inflammatory action. As a Supplement can be assigned to physiotherapy (massage, heating).

If the pain in the wrist caused by gout will have in addition to medication to diet, minimizing the consumption of foods rich in purines (meat, fish) and alcoholic drinks and strong coffee. If the pain is localized in the left hand and "gives" above, accompanied by pallor, difficulty in breathing, the advent cold sweat and a feeling of panic (sometimes of a strong up to panic attacks), it is necessary to call "Ambulance". Because it can be a sign of myocardial infarction.

How you can reduce pain at home

Often pain in the hands caused by excessive physical load. If possible, try to let your hands rest. Well can help the patient a light massage of the brush, warm baths.

Common cause of such pain – long work at the computer, when the hands are in an awkward position. Try to do breaks every hour and a half, rotate your hands, wrists, vigorously squeeze, and do this with your fingers.
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