Short of a pinched nerve. This is the most common cause of numbness of limbs. This problem occurs due to the awkward position of the hands (e.g., during the transfer of weight or sleep). In this case, change the position of the limb. Don't be surprised if you feel a temporary heat or tingling in the hands, it indicates the recovery function. Remember: the occurrence of this phenomenon often becomes more frequent with age.
Numb fingers left hand. Very often it is a clear symptom of such common diseases as osteochondrosis of the thoracic or cervical. Accompanied by aching, extending on the outer side of the arm and forearm, and weakness of the hands. In the case of numbness of the little finger or ring finger, be sure to check heart. Perhaps in this way, the body tries to warn you of impending stroke, which is further evidence of the need for professional medical care.
Beriberi. Who would have thought that a basic lack of vitamins in the body can cause such numbness of hands. Very often this phenomenon occurs in the spring, so be prepared for it in advance. Often be outdoors, replace the tea with an infusion of rose hips, balance the food, to diversity of its fish, vegetables, herbs and fruit. Remember: inadequate intake of b vitamin causes the development of atherosclerosis of the upper extremities.
Numb fingers right hand. Very often this occurs due to overexertion of muscles. As a rule, this concerns the following professions: operators or typists, computer typesetting, knitters, seamstresses, milkmaids and etc. In order to avoid this disease take periodic breaks and uncomplicated workout.