Causes numbness hands

Very often when carrying bags heavy weight, tight clothes, the work of your hands is numb hands. When you restore blood supply the condition returning to normal. When it happens frequently and not from domestic reasons, need to think: perhaps these are symptoms of any disease.

The most common causes of numbness in hands include:

Diabetes mellitus, disorders of the digestive system, reducing the level of thyroid hormones, lack of vitamins of group B.

Pinched nerves and blood vessels musculoskeletal system, cervical osteochondrosis, hernia of intervertebral discs. In these diseases numbness accompanied by pain.

Disorder of blood supply of the hands (Raynaud's syndrome), stress and cardiovascular disease.

Action when numb hands

If the numbness does not go a long time, it is necessary to restore blood flow. For this you need to shake several times and sharply compress and unclench fists. Very useful to stretch your hands and fingers throughout the day, rolling the balls in his hands.

In the prevention of circulatory disorders is recommended to take complex of vitamins and minerals. For joint mobility and prevention of many diseases requires physical activity.

You can try the traditional treatment of numbness of the hands. Massaging numb hand with the following mixture, ten grams of camphor alcohol and fifty grams of ammonia stirred into one liter of cold water.

Take the capacity of half a liter, pour into it the chopped garlic so that kitchenware one-third was filled. Then the container is filled with vodka and put fourteen days in a dark place, it is Very important the capacity to shake things up. Two weeks later begins receiving infusion three times a day five drops, previously dissolved in a teaspoon of water. Tincture is taken for four weeks.

If the limb is numb, not completely, but only the fingers, it is recommended to massage with the following mixture: half Cup of vegetable oil is taken half Cup of sugar and stirred. Places that are numb, lubricate spiral motion with this mixture. Then take one liter of warm water, throw in two tablespoons of salt and for forty-five minutes in this liquid holding hands.

In the case where the numbness is repeated regularly, accompanied by intense discomfort and pain, you should consult a specialist for the purpose of drug treatment method of illness.