Advice 1: What is numbness in hands

Numbness in hands may occur when compression of the nerve vessels and blood circulation violation. While there are unpleasant pulling sensation, tingling and hands lose sensitivity.
What is numbness in hands

Causes numbness hands

Very often when carrying bags heavy weight, tight clothes, the work of your hands is numb hands. When you restore blood supply the condition returning to normal. When it happens frequently and not from domestic reasons, need to think: perhaps these are symptoms of any disease.

The most common causes of numbness in hands include:

Diabetes mellitus, disorders of the digestive system, reducing the level of thyroid hormones, lack of vitamins of group B.

Pinched nerves and blood vessels musculoskeletal system, cervical osteochondrosis, hernia of intervertebral discs. In these diseases numbness accompanied by pain.

Disorder of blood supply of the hands (Raynaud's syndrome), stress and cardiovascular disease.

Action when numb hands

If the numbness does not go a long time, it is necessary to restore blood flow. For this you need to shake several times and sharply compress and unclench fists. Very useful to stretch your hands and fingers throughout the day, rolling the balls in his hands.

In the prevention of circulatory disorders is recommended to take complex of vitamins and minerals. For joint mobility and prevention of many diseases requires physical activity.

You can try the traditional treatment of numbness of the hands. Massaging numb hand with the following mixture, ten grams of camphor alcohol and fifty grams of ammonia stirred into one liter of cold water.

Take the capacity of half a liter, pour into it the chopped garlic so that kitchenware one-third was filled. Then the container is filled with vodka and put fourteen days in a dark place, it is Very important the capacity to shake things up. Two weeks later begins receiving infusion three times a day five drops, previously dissolved in a teaspoon of water. Tincture is taken for four weeks.

If the limb is numb, not completely, but only the fingers, it is recommended to massage with the following mixture: half Cup of vegetable oil is taken half Cup of sugar and stirred. Places that are numb, lubricate spiral motion with this mixture. Then take one liter of warm water, throw in two tablespoons of salt and for forty-five minutes in this liquid holding hands.

In the case where the numbness is repeated regularly, accompanied by intense discomfort and pain, you should consult a specialist for the purpose of drug treatment method of illness.

Advice 2 : What if numb hands

Many people complain of numbness of the hands, but don't know what to do with it. In fact, with frequent numbness of the limbs, it is better to consult a doctor and undergo tests to determine the cause. If symptoms such troubles are insignificant, you can help yourself by using compound exercises and methods of treatment.
What if numb hands
Most often, numbness of the hands occurs due to the compression of nerves and blood vessels. Long wearing heavy bags on one shoulder, uncomfortable tight clothes, work associated with the rise of the hands, narrowing of the arteries in cold weather - all this causes a temporary numbness of the hands. Chronic and frequent numbness can be a symptom of a serious diseases, such as osteoarthritis, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, circulatory disorders, etc. to get Rid of unpleasant feelings by using simple exercises. Getting out of bed, roll onto your back, raise your hands up and 80 times, squeeze and unclench fingers. Lower the arms and pull them along the body, also squeeze and release the fingers 80 times. Stand face to the wall, leaning on toes, raise your arms up and hold for a minute. Stand fully on the foot, hands together back to the castle and try to raise them as high as possible. Doing such physical exercises, you will improve blood flow to the extremities.You can also use folk remedies that will help restore the sensitivity. To do this, mix 50 grams of a ten percent ammonia and 10 grams camphor. Pour this mixture in one liter of water, add one tablespoon of salt and stir. Prepared by means of RUB numb place. Helps with numbness the reception rosemary baths. One handful of rosemary, pour three liters of cold water, cover and soak over low heat for 30 minutes. After that you should insist broth for half an hour. The filtered broth pour into the tub with warm water. Taking a bath should be 15 minutes. The course for 7-10 baths. Also useful to wipe the sore spots mustard oil. In the water where potatoes are cooked, pour a little vegetable oil and soak the hands in this warm bath for 10 minutes. Then grease them with vegetable oil or nourishing cream. Simultaneously massage the whole hand.

Advice 3 : Why become numb and hands hurt

Numbness and pain in hands usually occurs in the elderly due to natural aging changes of the body. In most cases, it is felt in the morning after sleep. However, this problem can face young people. For some reason, unable to go numb and aching hands?
Why become numb and hands hurt

Because of some of the disease can occur numbness and pain in the hands

Such an unpleasant phenomenon as numbness of the limbs, are familiar to many people spending a long time at the computer or of a production machine. Due to the constant tension of the hands may have swelling or inflammation of the tendons, causing the trapped median nerve passing through the carpal canal. And this, accordingly, causes a feeling of numbness and pain.

Initially, such feelings are weak and manifest only in the mornings. But if you don't pay attention to it and not to take action, numbness, and pain will increase, appearing also in a different time of day. Numbness will become longer.

Such sensations also occur due to inflammation of the joints, osteochondrosis of the cervical spine, diseases of the endocrine and nervous system, and other diseases. For example, if poor blood circulation in the capillaries, the fingers can severely numb and painful, especially in cold and windy weather.

Hands can become numb due to migraines and other diseases associated with the nervous system. In this case, the person must undergo a CT scan of the brain. The patient may need hospitalization and even surgery. To self-medicate or hope for a miracle in this case is not worth it.
To determine the cause of numbness and pain in hands only by a qualified neurologist, and should be referenced.

Treatment consists of drug therapy, physical therapy and in physical therapy for hands.

What can cause numbness, accompanied by pain

Often the cause of numbness and pain is not associated with any disease. For example, if the person was sleeping in an uncomfortable position in which free flow was hampered, after waking up he will experience numbness and pain in a dead hand.
A variation of this phenomenon - the so-called syndrome of lovers, when a woman falls asleep on hand, resulting in a broken limb blood flow.

Often a feeling of numbness, pain occurs after a lot of exercise, especially in untrained persons. To minimize these unpleasant phenomena, you should massage the hands, take a warm bath. Well help physical exercise with a moderate workload involving the muscles of the arms.

Advice 4 : From what numb arms and legs during sleep

In time to pay attention to the alarm signals of the body, it is necessary to know for what reasons can numb the legs and arms during sleep. Of course, a slight tingling and numbness of certain body areas may be associated with an uncomfortable situation. But do not forget that regular numb feet and hands can be signs of several diseases.
From what numb arms and legs during sleep


Numb feet and hands in a dream can indicate internal health problems in the body. This is due to various factors.
To ascertain the true causes for numb limbs should consult a qualified professional.

One of the most harmless and common causes for numb feet and hands during sleep is wrong or awkward posture. It ends a slight tingling of certain parts of the body, which will pass quickly when you change position. As a preventive measure, the experts recommend to avoid uncomfortable positions.

Vitamin B12 deficiency can also be a cause of the emergence of systematic numb limbs. This vitamin participates in the metabolism of nerve fibers. He is a big influence on the cardiovascular system and the sensitivity of the muscles. Lack of B12 in the body causes numbness and cramps, why in sleep can severely numb and numb feet and hands.

Carpal tunnel syndrome – a disease that often face people who constantly spend time on the computer. The numbness and numb fingers causes the compression of the median nerve. If you take no action, in the future, a tingling sensation may develop into pain.

A pinched nerve can also have a negative impact on the entire musculoskeletal system. For example, numb feet and hands during sleep may be a consequence of such diseases as osteochondrosis.

Neuropathy is a nerve damage which often causes a feeling of tightening in my legs and arms, protruding parts of the foot.
Sudden pain also may accompany multiple sclerosis, arthritis, diabetes, etc.

Rapid cooling and numb extremities can be caused by narrowing of the blood vessels. The reason is poor blood circulation. The progression of this disease may eventually lead to gangrene and the complete overlap of the vessels.

Useful tips

To decrease the sensitivity of limbs can lead to some bad habits. In addition to the temporary discomfort and flowing
certain parts of the body, they can affect serious complications inside the body. Bad habits include:

1. Sitting on the edge of the chair (when the feet are above the floor surface). This position reduces blood flow to the soft tissues of the body, compresses the muscles of the back thigh.

2. Sleep on one side (the arm is under the body). This position can cause temporary numb hands. As a result, the sleep will be disturbed.

3. Seat with "head thrown back". This leads to disruption of the blood supply of the brain. The regular oppression of the vertebral artery may eventually result in numbness of the upper extremities.

4. The position of the "legs". A fairly common habit. During this posture, disturbed arterial blood supply. The result is a numb leg, which increases the likelihood of developing varicose veins.
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