Disorders of the nervous sensitivity of the spine can occur in the following diseases:

1. Hypothermia lumbar.
2. Violation of the impulse along the spinal nerves (infectious diseases, polyneuropathy).
3. Congenital anomaly of blood vessels. This pathology can lead to the disruption of the receipt of useful nutrients to pozvonocna segment.
4. Spondylosis. The accretion due to the formation of bone ties several vertebrae reduces the gap between vertebrate joints that go through the nerves.
5. Low back pain. Simultaneous reduction of height of the intervertebral cartilage in the various sections of the spinal cord. In this condition the numbness formed because of irritation of the many nerves.
6. Intervertebral hernia. In this disease hypoesthesia often associated with regular irritation of the nerve fibers, which compressed the intervertebral disc.

Individual peculiarities

On the probability of loss of sensitivity when exposed to precipitating factors is influenced by the individual characteristics of the person. The constitutional indicators of muscle, fat and nervous tissue each person has their own. It is worth noting that females aged 15 to 45 years due to weak frame formed the "permafrost". For men this condition is characteristic only after 50 years, at a time when there is hormonal imbalance in the body.

In older age, more markedly slows the rate of physiological reactions. That is why this period often freeze back. In addition to these constitutional features can be attached and the following age factors:

- decrease immune system;
- weak expression of the subcutaneous fat;
- decrease muscular frame back;
- slowing the process of heat exchange;
- a blood disorder.

Feeling cold in the back in young girls is not uncommon. The reason for this to date is the subject of several studies. However, it is clear that in this state, formed by the spasm of small vessels in the lower back and extremities.

At the initial stage of the disease, the skin becomes more pale. Formed throbbing pain and tingling. Over time, formed a regular sensation of cold in the lumbar region and intermittent numbness.