You will need
  • computer;
  • - access to the Internet.
Prices on gifts fell, so for some people daily them comes quite a large number. However, sometimes there are situations when the user does not want to accept the gift or has already taken it, but do not want it to be displayed on his page. In this case, it is important to remember that any gift can be removed. Go to the site Before you will display your home page. In the upper left corner you will see your main photo, underneath there is the following menu: "Add photo", "Deposit account", "More". To the right of your photo there are tabs "General", "Friends", "Photos", "Groups", "Notes", "Video", "More". Click on last tab and you will see another small menu: "Gifts", "Forum", "Holidays", "Bookmarks", "me", "blacklist", "Auctions", "Activities", "Accomplishments". Click on the "Gifts".
Ahead you will see a page containing all the gifts that ever came to you from other users of the site Classmates.Roux, who sent them to you. To remove any gift, hover over it, and in the upper right corner of the picture with the gift displays a cross, clicking on which you can permanently delete received or sent a gift.
If the gift you received recently, and he still appears in the lower right corner of your avatar, hover the mouse cursor over this gift. Will appear below the function "Make a gift" or "Remove". Pressing the last button will remove you received the gift.
And in order not to suffer and not to remove the gifts that are sent to you by your friends, you can do otherwise. When you receive a notification that a user has sent you a gift, just don't take it, and click "Reject".