You will need
  • - participation in the moderation of photos and videos.
In order to give his friend a free gift on the website, you must do the following. On the main page of your account, there are tabs "General" "Friends," "Photos," "Notes" and others. Next to these tabs you will see "Games". Go there and in the search bar, type "moderator classmates". A similar action you'll find the app, which will earn bonus points. Points are earned as follows: the screen displays pictures of various users of this social network. You need to decide whether one or the other photo and the rules of the site and, consequently, to block it or approve. For every approved photo on your account will be awarded 2 bonus points, and for each rejected – 10.
Once you gain a high enough score, you can spend them. To do this, click on the "Auctions" button at the bottom of Windows number of bonus points. Before you open the auction window where will be indicated the list of current auctions. Among them you will be able to notice jokes free estimates 5+, smileys for a week, for 5 or 3 days, the service "Invisible" or free gifts in the amount of one or two pieces. Now you will just have to put the necessary points on any lot and win it.
If you win a lot with one free gift, you will receive notification about winning the auction. To give this free gift, visit any of your friend, click on the "Make a gift", choose the one you like and click on "send". Thus, a free gift will be sent to your friend.
In addition to the above-described method of giving free gifts, there is another. During certain holidays the administration of the site gives you the opportunity to give free gifts to anyone in unlimited quantity. However, the holding of such shares is limited to one or two days.