You will need
  • Check in "My world."
Sending stickers in "My world" is made from a special page. To go on it in the left column next to the main photo, click "More" in the pop-up window, find the "Gifts" section. Clicking on this label, go to the gift catalogue and select the "stickers".
All the icons from this section are sent for a fee. As a rule, the price for one sticker equals twenty Malika, which is approximately thirty rubles. To send icon, select the sticker and method of its display: private or public. Thus you determine whether your gift is available to other network users or it will not be able to see your friend. Then from the contacts list, select the recipient and click "Pay and send".
In "My world" there is also the ability to send icons absolutely free. But you need to pre-install the app "stickers for pictures", which is located at: Use this add-on gives the possibility of obtaining free points which is determined by the value of icons. Points are given for each invitee to the app other.
To join friends to "Stickers photo" in two ways. To choose manually or automatically to invite all users. To do this, click on the icon with the "+" sign on the app and check the box "Select all". After your friends join, you will get into your account points which you can use to send jewelry.
To attach the photo friends funny animation, you will need to find in the application paragraph on "send sticker", choose icon, and go to the selection window of the recipient. Mark friend, who is present, and with the mouse drag the icon on the photo. For convenience, you will be offered a sticker in several sizes, select one, and put it in the photo. Email the recipient the message and click "Send".
By the way, your avatar is the sticker itself will not be added. Therefore, the photo icon will need to pre-load. When you load the image with the sticker you can add to your album "My world", selecting the item From the Internet and add in the URL link, which will be indicated in the lower line of the box-notice.
If you received bonuses, you will seem a little, you can replenish your account the same way you (phone, terminal, or credit card) and get a few extra points.
Using the app "stickers for pictures" you can also ask icons from my friends that have this Supplement. To do this, simply select a friend and send him a request.