As it was before

Users another not less popular than Odnoklassniki, the social network Vkontakte will be able to send a picture or a photo, you only need to meet certain size requirements and formats. As for Classmates, until recently, to make it it was possible only on a paid basis. To do this, one would connect a paid option the "more smilies". Had to go to the messages menu near the input field for the message text window to find "More smilies".

After payment you could pay to pictures already uploaded, or to add your picture to the gallery. After adding the image should be divided into smilies in photoshop using "Cutting". The picture passed the moderation administration site, and to use it in the message, and the forum friend. Thus, in order to please the other in the social network, had to be done in a difficult way. Moreover, this service on average costs about 140 rubles were granted for a period of 45 days. After this time, the service cost or disable, or to continue using it for the same amount.

In addition, the picture message may be inserted the usual way using the option "Paste". You still need to copy picture using right click and selecting "Copy", then pin the cursor in the message window and select in the drop-down menu "Paste". You can also use Ctrl+C (to copy) and Ctrl+V (to paste).

And as it is now

It was not until recently. However, the developers of "Classmates" has recently made it easier for the users task, and empowered. There is a new option: now next to the message window, you can see the window "Attach file". Thus, any user can now send your friend a picture or photo. Absolutely free, just by choosing the picture from wherever it is stored on your computer or other media.

However, using this feature, do not forget about existence of the law "On copyright". Because illegal use of other people's images can lead to a fine from 200 to 2000 RUB. Therefore, by downloading the picture from the Internet, please note that it did not have watermarks and icons copyright.