You will need
  • - computer, laptop, tablet or any other device to access the Internet;
  • - access to the Internet.
Gifts on the website usually paid and cost $ 20 Shackles. However, sometimes you can give to your friends and free gifts. For this, you score bonus points by participating in the moderation of photos of users of this social network. Moderating other people's pictures, you will gradually accumulate on your account of points which can pay off in a special auction. Auctions are held daily, and even continuously. They allow you to win free emoticons for a few days, the status of the invisible man free rating 5+, or free gifts for your friends.
In order to gain bonus points, go to menu "Game" and type in the search key phrase: "moderator classmates". Follow the instructions indicated in this application.
Gaining a decent amount of points, go to "More", which is located immediately under your name. In this section select the tab "Auctions". Wait until the drawing for free gift, bet and win. As with all auctions, the winner is the participant who has offered in exchange for the gift the most points.
Another way of giving free gifts on the website are holiday discounts and promotions. The site administration has decided to please its visitors and made them a pleasant surprise. Now during certain holidays you have available to absolutely free gifts or gifts, the cost of which is only 5 Shackles.