How to send a gift in the "Classmates"

To make a nice surprise to the user of a social network "Schoolmates", login to your profile and find the right person in the friends list.

Under his photo you will see a menu where there is a line "Make a gift". Clicking on it brings you to a selection of surprises. Of the huge number of diverse Souvenirs, you will surely be able to choose the one that is most suitable to the occasion and meet the wishes of the other.

The gifts are not free, but because of this, they do not lose their popularity. They are easy to pay with SMS, and the cost is relatively low. It is possible to choose a more expensive musical gift, premium gift average cost and the usual souvenir approximately 20 rubles.

Choosing a gift for a friend in the "Classmates", click on it. In the opened window you will be able to see how your surprise look next to the avatar bestow. In this menu you can add a gift message, for example, greeting with a solemn go date a Declaration of love.

Here's the present you can make both public and private.

After selecting all necessary settings, click "Send".

Required souvenir, the amount will be debited from your account and the gift will immediately go to its destination. If money is tight, the system will prompt you to update your account.

Can I send a gift in the "Classmates" for free?

Most social network users say that giving gifts to each other for free is impossible, but it is not so.

Often held a variety of events when it is allowed to send gifts without payment. For example, the may 9 holiday, you can send the ribbons to several of my friends. Often promotions happen and before the New year, and the International women's day on 8 March.

In addition, you can send in the "Classmates" free gift through a special application, attaching a picture on the wall or a personal message. It is, of course, will not be displayed on the avatar, but still able to please its recipient.