Advice 1: How to remove the correspondence and Classmates

According to sociologists, a quarter of free time modern man spends in social networks. Unfortunately, not always the communication in the network is positive. However, the message recipient, spoiling your mood, can no regrets to remove.
How to remove the correspondence and Classmates
To delete all messages contacts fail. You can delete correspondence one friend, then move on to another. To do this, log on its page in "Schoolmates". In the main menu scroll to "Messages". Clicking on it mouse button you will be redirected to the page with his correspondence.
If you have a lot of friends, finding the right person can be simplified, scoring in the search line the name of the addressee, the correspondence with which you decided to remove. If friends so much, you can use the vertical slider to locate the user. Click on the photo of your "friend". Opened your message history. At the top click where it says "Delete entire conversation". In the window that appears, confirm your actions by clicking on the "delete" button. Now if you want you can start communicating again with a clean slate.
Perhaps you will find that can delete an entire conversation is not necessary, but some messages you hate to read. In this case, remove only unwanted messages. For this opposite message, claiming the removal, find a cross that says "Delete message". A window will appear asking where you must confirm your action by pressing the "delete"button.
In a social network "Schoolmates" is a function, which include you will be able to protect themselves from unwanted messages. Despite the fact that your profile will remain open, and accordingly, you will remain open to communication with both new and old friends. But the messages unpleasant content from people who are not your friends, will no longer bother you.
Menu under your photo, scroll to "More". Clicking it with the mouse button, go to "Change settings". Select the line "Settings of publicity." Under "Allow" find the line "Write me" message. Check the box "Only friends". You will now be able to receive messages only from friends.

Advice 2 : How to remove the inscription on the photo

There are times when a photographthat could decorate your photo album or blog, spoils located on it the inscription. Of course, you can look for another photo. And you can just delete the label.
How to remove the inscription on the photo
You will need
  • Photo editor “Photoshop”
  • The photo that you want to delete the label
Open the photo in Photoshop. This can be done through the "File" menu ("File", item "Open" ("Open"). Can use the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl+O”.
Select the tool "Clone Stamp Tool" ("Stamp") in the palette "Tools" ("Tools"). This palette is by default in the left part of the window. Can use the hot key "S".
Indicate the source of cloning. Hover the cursor over the area of the photo, free of labels, but being by her side and hold keyboard button Alt-click with the left mouse button. The pointer changes to a circle with a crosshair.
Move the pointer to the part of the label that is closest to the previous source, cloning, releasing the “Alt” button. Click the left mouse button. Part of the inscription painted over. Try to paint the rest of the label, hold the left mouse button. The cross that appears next to the pointer, the cursor shows where the pictures are copied pixels that you close the inscription.
If the result looks unnatural, undo the last action using the palette of "History" ("History"). This palette is located in the middle right part of the window. Move the pointer to the action placed over the last and click the right mouse button.
Select a new clone source and paint over the rest of the inscription.
Save the photo. Use the command "Save" or "Save As" ("Save" or "Save as") the "File" menu ("File").
Useful advice
In the process, you can reconfigure the settings of the tool "Clone Stamp Tool" ("Stamp"). To access the settings, click the left mouse button on the triangle about the panel "Brush" (the Brush), which is by default located in the upper left part of program window, under the main menu. The tool "Clone Stamp Tool" ("Stamp"), you can adjust two parameters: the "Master Diameter" (the Diameter) and Hardness ("Hardness"). Both parameters are set using the sliders. You can also enter numeric values in the fields above the sliders.
If the label you want to remove, located on a uniform background, increase the brush diameter. Then the work will go faster. If the label is on the background with many small, different color parts, select a brush of small diameter and often change the source of cloning. This will increase the operating time but will allow you to achieve a good result.
For easy work with small parts of pictures, zoom in photos. To do this, drag the slider to the left in the palette "Navigator" (Navigator). Can just type a numeric value in the field located to the left of the slider in the palette. The red rectangle in the palette, the Navigator shows the area of the photo that is visible in the window of the opened document. Changing the area by moving the red rectangle.

Advice 3 : How to delete a comment in Classmates

The social network "Odnoklassniki" users can communicate with each other, exchanging messages, leaving comments on forums and in groups. Well, if you don't like the comment or it is outdated and has lost its relevance, it can at any time delete.
How to delete a comment in Classmates

Where to leave comments

Users of social network "Schoolmates" can not only communicate with each other by sending each other messages, but also to take an active part in the life of any user of the site, leaving their opinions in discussions photos, statuses, a variety of themes in groups. Naturally, comments can be left and stored on your page content. Unfortunately, not all users of the site are correct, so some of the discussions in serious need of "cleaning".

Delete comments

If you for any reason – for example, in discussions contains insulting, swearing want to remove a particular comment left on your page, do as follows. For example, to remove unwanted picture caption, go to "Photo". Then personal photos or photo gallery click on the image you want, open it and on the right, find the link that says "Comments". Click it, and then in the window that will appear the caption to the photo. Hover the cursor over the comment you want to erase, and click on the appeared right next to the signature generation time cross. Then you will only confirm their decision in the new window that opens. On this page user will ask: "Delete this comment?". If your choice is final, press the "Delete" button. If you still doubt the correctness of the chosen decision, then click "Cancel".
When the cursor is on the x next to the signature shows "Delete comment".

Similarly, you can remove the comment in the status of "Classmates". To do this, click on the link that says "Notes" on your personal page and open the desired note. After you move the cursor to the comment you want to delete and click on the cross next to the unwanted title.
Please note that deletion is only possible on a personal page and only on your photos and notes. "Pohozyaynichat" in the discussions of other members will not succeed.

If you are a moderator or admin a private group, you can also clean the spaces of the groups, removing them the incorrect message. To remove them you will need to enter group and choose a topic, and then, using the same cherished cross to remove inappropriate entries.
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