OK – is the monetary unit of intra-currency in the "Classmates". With virtual money you can pay to put smileys in messages and in forum discussions, to give to friends gifts, to access a variety of paid services.

Free Oki

Many social network users are interested in the question how to get free Oki. Try to deal with this issue. First and foremost, it is worth noting that the site "Classmates" is a commercial structure. For its existence must be conducted financial transactions, so Oki network paid.

Recently in the Internet there is a program with which you can get free Oki. As the proverb says: "Free cheese only in a mousetrap". These programs are just the mousetrap.

Let's say you decide to install it. Downloaded the package and started to install it on the computer immediately before you came to the window with the requirement to send an SMS to a short number. You try to close the message and it reappears...
If when downloading questionable programs you hope for in an antivirus application installed on your PC, know that some of them are able to circumvent any protection.
So with the help of these applications, the scammers steal your data, by requesting them when you install programs, then use them for their own purposes: for sending spam, for blocking popular websites, etc.

How to Oki and Classmates

Remember, it's OK in the "Classmates" – purchased. Other methods of obtaining virtual currency is not.
Sometimes the site administration is recruiting volunteers for various studies, for participation in which is calculated OK. Such actions are extremely rare. Them alert on the official page of the website.
To buy Oki in different ways.

In the vertical menu, under your main photo, click "add account". Select which method of replenishment of Shackles for you.

The easiest and most convenient way to purchase Oka is texting. When using this method, the phone receives the test digital code.

To replenish the account in the "Classmates", you can use various e-wallets, such as WebMoney, Yandex Money, QIWI wallet. You can use a Bank card "MasterCard" or "Visa".

There are also other methods of buying the Shackles, but they are less popular than the above.