Recently, electronic money are not something unknown or obscure. With the development of financial Internet transactions virtual wallet in Russia there are many people. Also most of the social networks has its own electronic currency, with which users can give each other gifts, to put paid smileys, etc. On the website "Classmates" are the currency of the Oka.

This social network is a commercial structure. It must have a your cash-flow and pay for itself. Oki so here you can only buy the free virtual money and no one to give will not.

Programs for free the Shackles

Be careful of the various programs that promise free to top up your account in social networks or to double the existing on account of the number of Shackles. No matter how safe they may seem, do not trust such software, as they are not designed to save your money.

Let's say you decide to install one of these programs. Downloaded it on the computer and started the installation, during which you are asked to enter a mobile phone number. This is done in order to remove the account a tidy sum of money. Some programs prompt for a username and password from the page of a social network. If you enter such data, your account will be used for any purposes by fraudsters.

Even if all of a sudden the possibility of free replenishment of the Shackles, the developers of the site are immediately covered for such mischief.

It follows that free recharge virtual money without consequences does not. Is it possible to earn a little the Shackles in the "Classmates"?

How to make Oka in the "Classmates"

Sometimes the administration of the site conducted some research. To do this, they recruited volunteers for the calculation which uses in-network currency. Such events are very rare. Not to miss out on such shares, follow the information on the page, the link to which is at the bottom of this article.

There is the opportunity to score points in the "Classmates", to participate in the moderation of photos and video files. Here you can get the opportunity to grade 5 or use invisibility, and then only for a few days, as it is in advertising to attract new customers. Regarding the Shackles, which are used for games, then you can only buy them with real money.