You will need
  • - payment receipt of the goods;
  • - warranty card.
Keep the receipt about payment of the goods and warranty certificate which you are required to give while purchasing a mobile phone.
Refer to the provisions of the RF Law "On protection of consumer rights". As the article 18 States that the buyer has the right to require the seller to replace the faulty product, pay for the repair or return its value. In the latter case breaks the contract of purchase and sale. Since the cell phone law does not apply to technically complex machines, the buyer can claim a replacement during the period of validity of the warranty. Contact your lawyer for advice if in doubt about their rights.
Write a letter to the seller demanding the return of the amount spent on the purchase of a faulty phone. Refer to the relevant articles of law that specify a guarantee of return of money for faulty product.
Wait for a response from the seller. By law he is obliged to respond to the statement within 10 days from the date of its submission. As a rule, the seller may at his own expense to send the phone to the examination in order to determine whose fault occurred fault. Under the law the buyer may be present during the examination. It may take 21 days. After that, if it was found that faulty the consumer is not to blame, the seller must refund the purchase amount or replace the phone depending on the requirements of the buyer.
Go to court if the seller has ignored your statement and did not give an answer in 10 days. During the trial, also conducted the examination of causes of failure. According to the court decision imposed on the seller an obligation to pay appropriate amount of money to the consumer for a defective phone. As a rule, before the court case comes, as the stores tend to maintain its reputation, plus the court requires the seller of additional costs.