To change the phone for warranty, you must bring your passport and documents showing that the goods purchased in a certain time and a certain store. Carefully check out the warranty period. Read the cases in which the phone is exchanged. Present the seller with the necessary paperwork along with not suit you phoneOhm.
Keep in mind that the phonesome phones are not to be exchanged categories of goods. This means that you can't trade a quality phone to another device from the date of purchase within 14 days for reason not acceptable to you color, size, or lack of access to the Internet. In other words, what kind of goods purchased, so use it.
To request the exchange of telephoneand only need in that case, if you are sure that you are providing it in good quality, without mechanical damage. Broken – once in the store, in any case, do not expect that you can fix everything yourself, if you are not an expert in this field.
Make a claim on a broken camera in a written form. The letter should be in duplicate. Try to pass it in front of witnesses. If you plan to exchange the phone, you should not write a statement of need for repair.
Email for consent to send a phoneand expertise. It is desirable that it was conducted in your presence. Otherwise, you might find traces of what you are supposedly trying to repair the phone yourself, or especially filled the product with water.
If you for some reason refuse to take a statement about the exchange, refer to the law "On protection of consumers' rights. Lean on articles painted in the second Chapter, particularly on articles 18 to 25. Not to be unfounded, take up this book, which must necessarily be in the store and quote the important provisions.