You will need
  • - claim.
Make a claim to the seller (manufacturer, importer). In the document specify where, when, and at what price you purchased the phone. If you have kept the cash or sales receipt, and refer to it as proof of purchase. Describe any deficiencies. State your requirements.
If you return a faulty phone within 15 days after purchase, decide that you'll require: replacement of the goods of the same brand and model, replacement of the goods of other brand (model) with the allocation of the purchase price or a refund. The first requirement can only be made to the seller, the other two to choose from – the seller, the manufacturer or importer.
If from the moment of purchase has passed more than 15 days, check to see if cell shelf life or warranty period. This information look in the documentation that you received with the phoneom. It is unlikely that such terms may not be installed, and if not, you may return the phone within a reasonable time, not exceeding two years from the date of purchase, if a longer period is not set by law or contract.
If a warranty period (expiry date) on the cell has not yet expired, said one of the requirements referred to in paragraph 2, but make sure that you comply with any of the following conditions: either a lack of significant product, or violated the terms of repair, or due to frequent breakdowns and you can't use the phone in total 30 days in each year of the warranty period. Otherwise, you can count only on grant immediate elimination of defects in the mobile or refund the cost of the repair.
If the warranty period is less than two years, and the deficiencies revealed after the warranty period expires, but within two years, state the requirements referred to in paragraph 4, if you are willing to prove that the shortcomings of the cell phoneand having to transfer it to you or for the reasons which have arisen up to this point. This can usually be done with the help of expertise.
If the seller (importer, manufacturer) assigns a quality expertise, take advantage of their right to participate in this procedure to see how independent she is.
If the seller (importer, manufacturer) does not meet your requirements, please contact with the claim in court. The consumer is freed from payment of state fees.