You will need
  • phone complete with packaging;
  • receipt;
  • - the passport.
Do not pull with the return – according to the law, a thing not used can be returned to a store where it was purchased, within 14 days. Pack the phone in a box, check the contents of the package, take the check you issued for the purchase and your passport. The phone should not look used – if the screen has a protective film, and in the case of a stub, they must be maintained intact.
Please contact the store. Don't waste time explaining to sellers – ask to talk to the administrator and explain the situation. Typically, the shop agrees to exchange for similar or more expensive model. In this case you will have to pay the difference in price. Money back or exchange for a cheaper phone can be difficult – sometimes the shop is not enough cash. To clarify, when you will be able to go. Don't forget that the procedure of the refund must be issued within 14 days after purchase.
If you designate a later date, request from the administrator a written explanation of denial of refund. At this stage, the correct amount can magically show up at the box office.
The administrator proves to you the cell phones are non-refundable and refers to the internal rules of the store? Explain to him that there is a separate decision of Rospotrebnadzor "On the exchange of cell phones" which indicates that they belong to the class of "transmitting portable radio-station" and included in the list of goods to be returned within the statutory deadlines. Private instructions store in this case do not matter.
If you stubbornly refuse to exchange, contact the district office for consumer protection or the Federal service for supervision of consumer rights protection. You will advise on further action and will help to make a claim in court. The Federal service is able to solve the issue in the pretrial order, after its own investigation on your case. In the result of unscrupulous sellers could face a large fine.