You will need
  • - the law "On protection of consumer rights";
  • - a receipt for goods;
  • - warranty certificate for the goods;
  • - the complaint form;
  • - the passport.
Legislation of the Russian Federation approved the list of types of goods for which a refund is possible. It's technically complex products, which include: refrigerators, automatic washing machines, snowmobiles, motorcycles, boats, yachts and others. That is, upon detection of a breakage of such products, you have the right to terminate the contract with the seller and return moneypaid for them.
Resolutions of the government of the Russian Federation No. 81, 1222 approved the list of goods that cannot be returned to the store. Are animals, plants, household chemistry, furniture and more.
Note that you must properly use the purchased non-food products. In operation read the entire rules. If you didn't break them, I will start documenting. Make a claim addressed to the Director of shop, chain stores. Attach a copy of the commodity (cash) check, warranty card. Note, the term of guarantee for the goods specified on the coupon. To refrigerators, washing machines it is usually in the region of three years. When buying goods sellers often offer an additional warranty. When buying period is extended for another year or more. On the separate sets of goods, the guarantee may differ from the term of the warranty on the product itself.
Product with all the equipment obtained by purchase, a claim with a package of documents personally bring to the store. Ask on your instance to mark the admission of the claim, a different instance of Express from the seller.
Failure of the seller to accept your claim, send documents via registered mail, make a note that the postman has notified you of receipt of the directed documentation. You have the right to submit a claim via the Internet, the Telegraph.
After 10 days of receipt of the claim, the seller must refund money for the defective, faulty product. Fault technically sophisticated products is confirmed by the examination. It is obliged to carry out store. It is advisable you to be present during the examination. Since there are many tricks above which are companies not to return the money.
Failure of the seller to carry out the examination of poor-quality, defective goods, contact the specialists who determine the cause of faulty products. With the results of the examination, a check for the payment of such services come to the firm where you purchased the product. The store is reimbursed the cost of examination of goods purchased.
If a seller of goods no action is taken, contact the authorities of consumer protection. Explain to the staff that service the entire situation. The staff of the CPs will tell you that you need to do for a refund.
Contact the court. Write the statement of claim. Attach documentary evidence of your innocence. This claim, which dated to the time of its preparation, a copy of the receipt payment for the goods for examination (if performed at your expense), a copy of the warranty, defective product. The evidence base will still serve as a mark on the claim or return receipt requested to the seller. The decision of the judicial authority will be obliged to force pay you money along with a penalty.