Don't be fooled by cunning sellers of salons of cellular communication: some of them were surprised to learn that cell phones are not included in the category of goods subject to replacement or refund. This rule applies only to goods included in a special list No. 575, which was approved by the Government of the Russian Federation. If the store Manager would stand his ground, print and show this legal act.
You have every right to return to the store phone which was purchased recently in the presence of a marriage or other technical shortcomings. Personally on a sheet of A4 paper and write a complaint to the seller. It should be made in two copies, contain the requirement for the termination of the contract of sale, but not exchange mobile device to another machine. One copy of the claim shall be signed by the Director or administrator of the outlet.
After that turn the phone for examination, the results of which upon the expiration of a period of 10 days in case of adoption of the appropriate decision, you will return the money spent. However, in the case that the truth is not on your side, the reimbursement of the cost of the examination will require with you.
If all is in order you are entitled to a refund or exchange for another item within 14 days from the date of purchase subject to the continued receipt, product packaging and complete set device. The seller is likely to insist on the exchange, but you can claim it is the return of the monetary amount. In the case of external damage or absence of one of the components, to solve the problem will have through the Committee on consumer protection. And that, in either case, you need a written statement to the head of salon of communication on the return/exchange your phone.