You will need
  • - documents on the phone;
  • - packaging;
  • - a set of accessories.
Start with the preparation of the necessary documents. Find check on mobile phone, warranty card and packaging. It is important to remember that during the warranty period, you must keep all components of the device, whether the headset or the charger. Do not rush to dispose of these accessories even in the event of their failure.
Please contact the retailer where you bought the mobile phone. Explain failure specialist who receives the goods and put him on the phone together with the needed accessories. You can offer yourself to take the device to service center.
The product is usually passed to the SP once a week. Independent delivery service usually speeds up the process of his return. But this method has a negative point. If a service center for one reason or another will hold your phone longer than the deadline, you will not be able to claim the store. Better to play it safe and give your mobile device the firm-the seller.
If after the expiration of thirty days from the date of receipt of goods you have not received a working phone again, please contact the store. Remember that you are not interested in the date of sending of the item in STS. Be guided precisely by the number of transmission of the phone store.
Require to provide you the same model or a refund. Ignore the offer of a specialist to take some more time until the repair device. If employees of STS ordered the missing parts, then they checked the phone, acknowledged his fault, and confirmed that not you are the cause.
In case of failure in fulfilling your requirements, make a complaint to the company-seller. Describe it the situation. Ask the expert to sign it and remove the copy of the document. Pass the original store. You are entitled to claim compensation in the amount of 1.5% of the value of the goods per every day of delay, or a cash alternative.